Playing Career

  • Four year starter at University of California Santa Barbara Men's Volleyball Team and was team captain senior year
  • Played professional volleyball in Puerto Rico
  • Member of the 1996 Puerto Rico Youth National Team and won the gold medal at the world cup qualifier
  • Competed at Junior Olympics for volleyball since age 14 and won the national MVP for 14 and under category
  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiology and Biological Sciences

Coaching Career

  • 2014-15: A4 Volley Coach for 15 Purple, 16 Black and 18 Purple
  • 2015-16: A4 Volley Coach for 14 Purple, 17 Black
  • 2016-17: A4 Volley Coach for 15 Black, 16 Black
  • 2017-18: A4 Volley Coach for 12 Purple, 15 Purple


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiology from UC - Santa Barbara
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences - National university of Health Sciences
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in National University of Health Sciences - graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Medical Level 2
  • Certified KinesioTaping Practitioner
  • Webster Certified for pregnancy care

Professional Career

  • High-end sports care and performance rehabilitation for corporate and professional athletes including NHL, NFL and MLB players
  • Owner of SportsLab SoCal
  • Lead Physical Medicine Provider for St. Joseph Hoag Health Wellness Corner

Dr. Jan Carlo Zegarra excelled as a volleyball player very early on, and by the age of 14 became the national MVP for his category of the Junior Olympics in Puerto Rico. He went on to play volleyball for UC Santa Barbara and also played professionally for Puerto Rico. His volleyball career continued to show promise until it came to a sudden halt due to a lumbar disc herniation.

Having experienced a multitude of therapies and rehabilitation protocols for various injuries throughout his years of playing volleyball, Dr. Zegarra decided to pursue a career as a health professional. After several years of owning a successful private practice in North Carolina, Dr. Zegarra grew tired of seeing too many recurrences of musculoskeletal injuries and/or problems that, although different in diagnosis, were related to previous injuries. Knowing that there had to be another way to achieve more permanent results with his clients, Dr. Zegarra began looking outside of the traditional approach to find a way to treat and prevent injuries from a more global, neurological and biomechanical standpoint.

This quest for answers led Dr. Zegarra to the bright minds behind SportsLab NYC. Their methods, profile of patients, facilities and the science behind their techniques compelled Dr. Zegarra to train and study with their team. Dr. Zegarra is now the Medical Director for SportsLab SoCal where he develops unique and cutting-edge treatment protocols for his clients (many of which are professional athletes). He is dedicated to the treatment, prevention and accelerated recovery of musculoskeletal conditions and their biomechanical integration with the nervous system. Dr. Zegarra lives with his wife Carol and children Camilo and Nicolás.